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This airline is making changes to cabin service due to turbulence

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Frequent travelers of Korean Air may notice a change on their next flight.

The airline announced this month that it is wrapping up cabin services on all medium and long-haul flights 40 minutes before landing to minimize the risk of injury during turbulence. Prior to July, Korean Air stopped cabin service 20 minutes before landing.

The airline notes that turbulence has been a “persistent and growing problem” in recent years. Turbulence incidents doubled in the first part of 2024 compared to the same time in 2019.

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“Turbulence is becoming more frequent, especially as the aircraft descends, due to large temperature differences between altitudes,” the airline stated.

The Federal Aviation Administration describes turbulence as “air movement that normally cannot be seen,” noting that it often occurs unexpectedly.

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While planes are built to withstand turbulence, it may still be an uncomfortable experience for passengers. It can also be dangerous for passengers who aren’t buckled into their seats.

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In May, a person died and dozens were injured after a Singapore Airlines flight hit severe turbulence.

The plane, which was traveling from London to Singapore, was forced to make an emergency landing in Thailand, where the injured were treated.

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