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The Good Days For The Biden Campaign Are Over 

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There are no good days left for the Joe Biden campaign.

The only good thing that could happen to Joe Biden in this campaign is something bad happening to Donald Trump.

There is no capacity for Biden to develop an independently good campaign. It’s not possible anymore. Why? It turns out that, as always in politics, the cover-up is worse than the crime. We all knew for years that Biden was in a state of mental and physical decline. We all saw it right in front of us, and we were lied to.

We were lied to by everyone. The Biden family. Everyone in the White House. Everyone in the media. All of them kept telling us it was all in our heads, the images we were seeing were “cheap fakes,” and it was all nonsense. Behind closed doors, Joe Biden was doing chess preparation with Bobby Fischer and quadratic equations, as well as an underwater upside-down Parcheesi with Albert Einstein.

It was insane. We were told those lies over and over. Then Biden went out and wet the bed during the debate with Trump in a way that no one expected and no one has ever seen in the history of American presidential politics.

So that means any credibility all these people had is gone. In order for you to advance an argument, you have to have the credibility to advance that particular argument.

Is anyone going to believe anyone in Biden-land again when they say he is fit for the presidency? There’s no possible way, especially when the DOJ, dominated by Biden, is refusing to turn over the six-hour tape of his interview with special prosecutor Robert Hur. They keep that tape away from you because they know that it will show the exact same thing you saw in that debate.

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Remember, the case for Biden being in the presidency after November is not the case for him being in the presidency today, which is a shaky case as it is; it is a case for him being in the presidency in five years when he’s 86-years-old, and the high likelihood is that he certainly will not be sentient and he may very likely not be alive.

Thus, a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris, and we all know it. The media have no credibility on these issues anymore. If you thought they hadn’t blown out their credibility over the Russiagate hoax, BLM or the 2020 COVID coverage, they’ve certainly blown their credibility over the most obvious lie they have ever told, including tons of lies during my lifetime.

They told the lie that Bill Clinton was an upright citizen who would never sleep with his employees. They told us the lie during COVID that you had to stay in your homes ad infinitum, indefinitely in order to protect everybody around you. They told us the lie that if you were rioting for BLM during that lockdown, somehow the virus was noncontagious.

But all of those lies remain, bizarrely, somewhat arguable in the public mind. The media have such extraordinary power in the American body politic that they can promote a lie. And even after their lies turn to bones, they continue to promote the lie.

For example, when Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, Missouri, it became perfectly obvious from both the local investigation and the federal investigation that he was shot justifiably by a cop. Yet in 2024, a decade later, Democrats will still say that Michael Brown was a martyr of BLM. There’s a huge percentage of the population that still believes that nonsense. 

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In other words, just because the lie is a lie doesn’t mean that the debunking of the lie takes hold in the public imagination. 

In the murder of Matthew Shepard, the case became the basis for a huge push in the gay rights movement because a gay guy in Wyoming was killed, and the idea was that he was killed in a hate crime.

It turned out he was probably killed in a drug deal gone bad. The story was debunked within the first two years. But it is still the going story about Matthew Shepard, 25 years later.

With all that said, there’s one thing you cannot lie about and retain any credibility: the thing right in front of your face

The case that is being made about Joe Biden having dementia is a thing we all saw. This is like lying about the sun coming out in the morning. This is like lying about the sky being blue. There are no two perspectives on this: Joe Biden has dementia.

He is addled. We all saw it. That means that every clip of Biden from here until the election that shows him doddering around will be fodder for the American body politic.

No amount of denial, no amount of “it’s cheap fakes; it’s out of context,” is going to make us believe that anymore because we all saw it live for 90 minutes.

It is a full-scale disaster. It is perfectly obvious to everyone.

You want to know why many members of the media are acting with outsized outrage and horror today? Because they got completely pantsed by Biden. They’re angry at him for manipulating them. They figured they could maintain this lie, and his behavior would not fully expose the lies.

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The entire media knew he was diminished. Everyone in the White House knew he was diminished. But they figured, “Ok, we can somehow pull the wool over America’s eyes. We can shoot him full of whatever we shot him full of before the State of the Union address. He’ll barely get into the White House. And then if he dies, he dies. That’s the way that it goes.”

It turns out, he decided on his own to destroy both himself and them. He destroyed their credibility because now they either have to pretend to be shocked or admit they were lying all along. 

They have to say, “I never knew Joe Biden was this bad. My God, I never knew that.”

And there is no mechanism to replace Biden on this ticket. None. Biden himself would have to determine that he is stepping out. The problem with him stepping out is the person backing him up is Kamala Harris, who’s even worse than he is.

So the good days for the Joe Biden campaign are over.

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