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Scripps News Reports: Analyzing the state of American democracy

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Is it the demise of democracy, or the start of something new? On the one hand are dangerous plots to steal elections; on the other is an earnest effort to keep them secure. Now, hear from real people about the state of American democracy, and go inside the last election and its aftermath from Arizona to Georgia and beyond.

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Scripps News reviews the situation in Georgia, where the presidential margin came down to just over 11,000 votes in the last election, and where former President Donald Trump and his co-conspirators are charged with attempting to overturn the state’s results.

We go inside a false narrative of election fraud in Arizona, where the state spent thousands of hours investigating allegations by Trump that the state election was stolen. Republican-led investigations found no evidence of fraud and Arizona indicted 18 Trump allies, including Rudy Giuliani, for attempting to overturn the state election.

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And we hear from everyday voters about their concerns for Democracy, how the Jan. 6 insurrection affects their views and whether the indictments against Trump will change voter behavior.

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