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Pro-Lifer Targeted By Biden Admin Sentenced To Prison

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Pro-lifer Cal Zastrow has been sentenced to six months in prison over his participation in a peaceful protest at a Tennessee abortion facility March 2021.

Zastrow was sentenced by Judge Aleta Trauger on Wednesday in federal court in Nashville. Trauger sentenced him to six months in prison and three years of supervised release. She did not impose a fine on him. He must self report to prison by October 1.

When given a chance to speak, Zastrow spoke of his Christian faith and how it drove him to advocate for unborn babies.

He said he tried to live his life “under the Lordship of Jesus Christ,” and that “children are a blessing from God.”

To conclude, he read from Revelation 5:11-14.

Trauger was critical of Zastrow’s “religious fervor,” saying that it led him to cause pain to others. She told Zastrow that she didn’t need to hear a sermon.

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He is now a felon, meaning he can’t vote or own a firearm.

President Joe Biden’s Justice Department brought charges against Zastrow and 10 other pro-lifers present at a sit-in at the Carafem Health Center Clinic in Mt. Juliet.

During the protest where Zastrow was present, a group of pro-lifers gathered on the second floor of an office building in the hallway outside Carafem. The group prayed, sang hymns, and urged women showing up to the clinic not to get abortions. No one present was charged with committing any violence.


The sentencing came one day after their co-defendant Paul Vaughn was sentenced. Trauger did not impose a prison sentence on Vaughn despite the Biden administration’s request that he be sentenced to one year behind bars.

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When given an opportunity to speak, Vaughn said that the “reason I am engaged in activities is because I care for my country.”

An overflow room crowded with supporters of Vaughn watching the proceedings at the courthouse erupted into cheers after Trauger said she would impose no jail time. Trauger said she based her decision in part on his four years of service in the Navy and statements from those in his city and county.

The Thomas More Society, which is representing Vaughn, is expected to appeal his conviction.

Several others convicted of conspiracy against rights over the Carafem sit-in will be sentenced later today, including Coleman Boyd and Dennis Green.

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Hundreds of supporters of the pro-lifers gathered at Christ Church Nashville on Monday and Tuesday to rally in support of the activists ahead of their sentencing. At the rallies, attendees sang, prayed, and heard from Christian pastors. Many also gathered on Monday and Tuesday outside federal court in Nashville ahead of the sentencing.

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