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Penalties for Burnouts, Doughnuts on Ohio Streets Could Increase

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by J.D. Davidson


Burnouts, doughnuts and stunt driving activities becoming increasingly popular on Ohio roadways could soon carry stiffer penalties.

Also, under legislation recently passed by the Ohio House and Senate, blocking roads or interrupting the regular flow of traffic for street racing would be illegal.

The legislation is wrapped into a bill that increases penalties for fleeing law enforcement and requires agencies to consider pursuit standards.

Gov. Mike DeWine still must sign House Bill 56 before it becomes law.

Rep. Andrea White, R-Kettering, called the actions “honing” and told the House Criminal Justice Committee of an incident earlier in Dayton where dozens of cars blocked off a start and drivers began doing doughnuts and burnouts.

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The incident, she said, pulled law enforcement from other emergency calls.

“Fortunately, no one was hurt that night,” White said. “Amazingly, not even the people standing in the middle of the speeding circles of cars filming and posting the event online. That’s not always the case.”

The bill would make a new misdemeanor offense with the potential of a license suspension, and anyone helping stunt driving or a street takeover would be charged the same as participants.

The legislation would also make it a felony to flee in a car from police and increase possible prison time if the chase results in serious physical harm to people or property.

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“As far as regulations regarding our officers and their ability to pursue a criminal we require a law enforcement entity to consider pursuit policy standards and best practice recommendations which have been set into place by the Ohio Collaborative Community–Police Advisory Board or a similar entity,” Rep. Phil Plummer, R-Dayton, said. “This bill is going to make our roadways a safer place for the citizens of Ohio and deter criminals from participating in stunt driving and street takeover events on our public roads, streets or highways.”

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JD Davidson is a regional editor at The Center Square.
Photo “Skidmarks” by Mann-ist-0 CC 2.0.



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