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Norwood couple stranded in Las Vegas after husband breaks back, suffers traumatic brain injury in crash

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A car crash in Las Vegas changed the lives of Norwood’s Ellie and Brad Bognar overnight.

Brad has remained in intensive care at Las Vegas’s University Hospital with a broken back, brain bleeds and a severe traumatic brain injury since his taxi was hit by what Ellie believes to be a drunk driver outside of the New York New York hotel on June 12.

An automated text message from Apple notifying Brad’s emergency contacts of a crash was the first message Ellie saw when she woke up, so she called Brad’s friend who was also in the taxi.

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“I can’t stop thinking about my voice asking ‘Andrew, is he alive?’ That’s not a question any spouse should have to ask,” Ellie said.

Since the crash, Ellie said Brad’s condition has swayed from being nearly unresponsive on a ventilator to recently being able to wake, identify people in photos and respond to commands.

She said being home in Greater Cincinnati, among a significant support system and their dog Friday would do wonders for his recovery, but the medically assisted flight could cost as much as $100,000.

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Ellie’s GoFundMe to fund the journey has raised nearly $35,000 in a day.

“It’s been incredible,” she said. “We’ve had friends, family, podiatrists who have given money.”

Ellie said there’s a chance her husband has a years-long journey to recovery ahead of him, but she hasn’t given up the fight.

“He’s still very confused and definitely not himself, but we’re starting to see progress,” she said.

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Anyone interested in contributing can visit the family’s GoFundMe page here.

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