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Miranda Lambert Blasts Concert-Goers Fighting At Her Show

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Country star Miranda Lambert blasted a couple of concert-goers who decided to start fighting at one of her recent Texas shows, warning them if they didn’t stop, she’d come down off the stage to break it up.

In a clip that surfaced online from a fan, the 40-year-old country singer was attempting to sing her popular solemn hit “Tin Man” when she noticed some kind of brawl taking place in the audience, reported.

In the video, we see Lambert stop singing and first ask the crowd if someone fainted or passed out.

“Is everybody okay? Did somebody faint? Are you good?” the singer said, before she asked, “Are y’all fighting? During this song? ‘Cause I will come down there.”

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The “Mama’s Broken Heart” hitmaker then told everyone, “We’re not doing that today. I’m gonna go east Texas Red on your a** real quick.”

“He ain’t worth it, it’s fine. It’s always the girls,” she added. “We always get riled up and start punching each other. Why?”

“Dear police, can we just go ahead and remove them, that’d be great,” Lambert continued. “Thank you very much.”


The singer then jokingly instructed the security guards to “throw her over your shoulder” to get the women out of the venue so she could resume the concert.

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A short time later, the country singer took to her Instagram and issued a statement about the songs she plays at her shows and said only during these five songs will fighting be tolerated. 

“If you want to fight at my shows, I’m all about it,” Lambert said. “Give ’em hell. I’ve got five songs for you. ‘Fastest Girl in Town,’ ‘Kerosene,’ ‘Little Red Wagon,’ ‘Wranglers,’ ‘Gun Powder & Lead.’”

“Don’t do it during ‘Tin Man.’ That’s not the time,” she added, naming the song she was trying to sing when the fight broke out at her show. “I know you can hear the s*** talking ’cause it’s a ballad, but that’s not the time.”

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“So pick your times,” Lambert continued. “You’ve got five songs. Look at the setlist and choose wisely.”

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