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Jill Biden Reacts To Husband’s Poor Debate Performance, Says She Won’t ‘Let Those 90 Minutes’ Define Presidency

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Jill Biden reacted to her husband President Joe Biden’s disastrous first presidential debate with former President Donald Trump and said she won’t “let those 90 minutes” define the current administration.

The first lady’s comments appeared in a glossy cover story that dropped on Monday for the cover of Vogue’s August issue amid panic by Democrats about Joe Biden staying in the race after he stumbled, rambled, and froze numerous times during the 90-minute CNN face-off last week.

“[The Biden family] will not let those 90 minutes define the four years he’s been president,” the first lady told the outlet by phone following the debate.

“We will continue to fight.” she added, telling the outlet that “[Biden] will always do what’s best for the country.” 

Jill Biden also talked about how people struggled emotionally, financially, and socially during the COVID-19 pandemic and want things to improve quickly.

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“Things are still getting better. It takes time to stand things up again,” she said.

“Look, I know that food prices are up,” the First Lady added. “I go to the grocery store when I’m in Wilmington. And I raised three kids, and did the food shopping for how many years before we got to this job? It’s not like I don’t know.”

The Vogue cover story prompted discussion on social media. 

Megyn Kelly, who hosts “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, claimed it was proof that Jill Biden is “out for her own power.”

“The problem is that all of the Democrats’ hopes come down to what this woman wants,” Kelly said. “All of them… Jill Biden turns out to be a bit of a grifter… She’s power-hungry. She’s like a Hillary Clinton. She’s not a Laura Bush. She’s not a Melania Trump.”

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“She’s not somebody who’s just there to support her husband,” she added. “She seems to me like somebody who was out for her own power and can’t let go.”

The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof told CNN he hopes Jill Biden and family are “thinking not only about [Joe Biden’s] interests, but about the nation’s interest.”

He also compared Biden remaining in the race to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s decision to stay in her seat instead of retiring toward the end of her life. Trump went on to get a third justice on the high court, Amy Coney Barrett, after Ginsburg’s death in 2020.

Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt wrote on X, “Nice puff piece on the most valueless person in America and her bid to keep her corpse-like husband into the White House to stay relevant.”

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OutKick’s Clay Travis wrote to his followers on X, “Jill Biden, who has been covering up her husband’s dementia for years and is guilty of elder abuse, is on the cover of Vogue for [August]. This is why she and Hunter won’t tell him to step down, they won’t matter the minute he says he isn’t running.”

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