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Illegal Alien MS-13 Member Wanted For Murder Arrested In South Carolina

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An illegal alien and MS-13 member who is wanted for murder was found and arrested in South Carolina this week following a traffic stop.

Elmer Neftali Martinez-Escobar, a 31-year-old El Salvadoran national who illegally migrated to the United States, was arrested by the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office in Berkeley County, South Carolina.

A deputy with the sheriff’s office ran Martinez-Escobar’s name through the National Crime Information Center, leading him to discover that the suspect was wanted in El Salvador for homicide and was a member of MS-13, a criminal gang.

Martinez-Escobar was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana before being taken to the Hill-Finkea Detention Center. Martinez-Escobar was then placed into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“This traffic stop is a great example of our deputies using their training to identify criminal offenders,” Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis explained to local media. “We never know what a traffic stop will bring, but I trust that our deputies will continue to work hard to keep Berkeley County safe.”

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The arrest follows a series of arrests of criminal illegal aliens, some of whom are alleged to have committed violent crimes.


Concerns about illegal immigrant crime accelerated earlier this year after the tragic death of Laken Riley, a Georgia nursing student who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant named Jose Ibarra, a 26-year-old Venezuelan national.

Jose Chan, a 24-year-old illegal immigrant from Guatemala, was residing in Florida after previously being deported. Chan was recently charged with sexual battery after allegedly assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

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Illegal immigrants were also allegedly behind the murder of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray in Houston, Texas. Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 21, and Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, were both charged with her murder. They illegally entered the United States during the Biden administration.

Police in Texas also recently arrested an illegal alien who allegedly killed two people in a Chick-fil-A restaurant just last week. The suspect is Oved Bernardo Mendoza Argueta, a 37-year-old native of El Salvador.

Two other illegal immigrant murder suspects were recently apprehended in Texas by the Splendora Police Department, which worked in conjunction with federal authorities. The two illegal immigrants both lived in Colony Ridge, a massive land development north of Houston that has become infamous for tailoring its financial and marketing practices to attract illegal immigrants.

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The wave of alleged criminal activity by illegal immigrants comes as the Biden administration has presided over an unprecedented crisis on both America’s southern border with Mexico and northern border with Canada.

Over 10 million people have crossed the border under President Joe Biden, with an estimated 1.7 million illegal immigrant gotaways recorded since he was inaugurated in 2021. There were 415,000 total reported gotaways for 2018, 2019, and 2020 under the Trump administration.

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