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How record-breaking holiday travel is impacting people in Indiana

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Increased travel during the holiday weekend

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Sunday was expected to be one of the busiest days of the year for travel in the U.S., and Indianapolis is no exception.

AAA projected nearly 70.9 million travelers would head 50 miles or more away from home for the holiday. That’s a 5% increase from last year and an 8% increase from 2019, making it the biggest travel weekend ever for the weekend of July 4.

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Additionally, the Transportation Security Administration predicted their workers would screen more than 3 million people at 434 airports across the nation on Sunday.

Indiana University grads Ben La Kier and Max McLaughlin are two of those making the trek back home.

La Kier was traveling back to Atlanta on Sunday. McLaughlin was making his way back to New York City.

The two had flown to Indiana on Tuesday last week to spend time on the lake with friends from school.

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“We were all able to come together from a bunch of different cities and, ya know, being out on the water during the fourth, I will never complain,” La Kier said.

Due to the expected crowds, the two took precautions and got to the Indianapolis International Airport earlier than they typically would to ensure they had ample time to board their flight.

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“I was expecting today to be one of the busiest travel days of the year, Sunday after July Fourth, but, one of the things I love about the Indianapolis airport is no matter what day, it has all of the infrastructure but never seems to be too busy,” McLaughlin said. “So, we were able to grab a beer before the flight.”

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