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Graham Weighs In On Who Trump May Pick For VP, Including A Dark Horse Candidate

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) talked about several of the favorites to be President Donald Trump’s vice presidential running mate during an interview over the weekend, including one dark horse that has not received much attention.

Graham made the remarks during a Sunday CBS News interview on “Face The Nation” when asked about who Trump will pick in the coming days.

When asked if Trump has already made the decision, Graham responded: “I don’t think he’s decided. I’m a big Tim Scott fan because I want to expand the map.”

“Now, I believe, before this is all said and done, that President Biden most likely will be replaced. And Kamala Harris is going to be very vigorous, but she’s for the Green New Deal. She’s for Medicare for All. She’s more like Bernie Sanders on policy,” he said. “But if I were President Trump, I would make sure I pick somebody that could add value in 2024, expand the map, take – prosecute the case against the liberals who occupy the White House.”

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When asked who that should be if Trump does not pick Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), Graham said: “Well, there’s three people being talked about, Burgum, solid as a rock in North Dakota. J.D. Vance would be – is aligned with President Trump in many ways. He could be a good wingman. Can he expand the map?”

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“Marco Rubio, you got a problem in Florida. I think he’s a very articulate conservative that could help President Trump enormously,” he said. “But somebody’s not being talked about that should be, in my view, is [Virginia Governor Glenn] Youngkin from Virginia. If we win Virginia, we win. It is over. So I’m hoping President Trump is looking for a V.P. pick that not only can carry on the American first agenda after he leaves, but also win in 2024.”

“I think the V.P. pick by both parties, if Biden steps down, Harris is going to have to pick somebody to help her,” he concluded. “If the – if she does become the nominee, this is a dramatically different race than it is right now, today. I hope people are thinking about that on our side.”

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