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Graham: Biden ‘Not Capable’ Of Continuing As President; He And Line Of Succession Need Cognitive Tests

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said over the weekend that he has serious doubts about President Joe Biden’s ability to continue serving as president and that both the president and his line of succession need to take cognitive tests moving forward.

Graham made the remarks during a Sunday interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation” while talking about the fallout from Biden’s disastrous debate performance.

“Most of us are concerned of the national security implications of this debate about President Biden’s health,” Graham said. “Most Democrats are worried about Biden winning the election. I’m worried about Biden being the commander in chief for the next four months. We’re having a meeting with NATO in Washington next week. On October the 7th, Israel’s attacked by Hamas. On October the 8th, President Biden gives an interview to the special counsel, where they determined him to be a nice man with a bad memory and you couldn’t convince a jury he did anything wrong.”

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“I want those tapes released,” he continued. “So, what I would like to see is President Biden take a cognitive test. I think everybody going forward in the line of succession should have a neurological exam on a regular basis.”

Graham said that all nominees for president going forward should have to take neurological exams as part of an overall health examination that is released to the public.

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“We need to make sure that the people who are going to be in the line of succession are capable of being commander in chief under dire circumstances,” he said. “Here’s what I worry about, that our allies see a compromised Joe Biden, that our enemies see a compromised Joe Biden, and I’m offended by the idea that he shouldn’t take a competency test, given all the evidence in front of us. He is not only in denial. This is a dangerous time for the American people to have somebody at the ship – leading the ship of state who seems to be compromised.”

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A few minutes later he again reiterated his concerns about Biden, saying that he was “very concerned that this man is not capable of being commander in chief for four more months.”


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