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Democrat Pollster Calls On Biden To Resign Now After ‘Incoherent’ Stephanopoulos Interview

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Democratic pollster Nate Silver called on President Joe Biden to resign the presidency and transition power to Vice President Kamala Harris following his “incoherent” interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos.

Silver made the comments in response to a clip of Biden from the interview, during which he fumbled the answer to a question about whether or not he’d watched the debate from a week earlier and misrepresented a recent New York Times poll.

“Did you ever watch the debate afterwards?” Stephanopoulos began.

“I don’t think I did,” Biden replied.

“What were you experiencing as you were going through the debate? Did you know how badly it was going?” Stephanopoulos tried again.

“Yeah, look,” Biden said, and then paused for several seconds. “The whole way I prepared, nobody’s fault, mine, nobody’s fault but mine. I prepared what I usually would do sitting down as I did come back with foreign leaders or the National Security Council for explicit detail, and I realized partway through that you know all I get quoted The New York Times had me down ten points before the debate, nine now ,or whatever the hell it is. The fact of the matter is what I looked at is that he also lied 28 times. I couldn’t — I mean — the way the debate was ran — my fault, no one else’s fault …”

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“But it seemed like you were having trouble from the first question in …” Stephanopoulos pressed.

“Well I just had a bad night,” Biden protested.

Silver was not impressed by the answer, and said so in a brief thread on X: “This is a pretty incoherent answer including a non-sequitur complaining about a New York Times poll, which he incorrectly claims had him down 10 points before the debate (it was actually 3 or 4 points, depending on which version you look at).”

“I wimped out in today’s column and deleted a line saying he should formulate a plan to transition the presidency to Harris within 30-60 days, but I’m there now. Something is clearly wrong here,” Silver continued, adding, “The most generous way to put it is that he doesn’t seem in command, and that’s an extremely hard sell when you’re Commander in Chief. I continue to think this number is low and Democrats will apply incredible amounts of pressure.”

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