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Consumer Reports: Sunburn care and prevention

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(CONSUMER REPORTS) — Fun in the sun can come to a screeching or scorching halt with a nasty sunburn. If you’ve ever gotten one, you’ll know how unpleasant it is.

News 8 consumer reporter Jeremy Jenkins and Consumer Reports explain how cooling the burn correctly will help alleviate sunburn pain.  

Getting a sunburn is never fun—your skin feels like it’s on fire, and anything that touches you hurts, not to mention the potential long-term health effects. Every time you get a sunburn, it ages your skin and increases your risk for skin cancer.  

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Consumer Reports’ says prevention should be a priority: Wear the right sunscreen and cover-up. A top-performing sunscreen in Consumer Reports tests that’s also a CR Smart Buy: Coppertone Water Babies Lotion SPF 50. If you’re using a lotion, you’ll need about a teaspoon per body part or area not covered with clothing. 

But when you forget sunscreen or don’t correctly reapply it, there are ways to relieve the discomfort. Start by taking frequent cool baths or showers. When you’re done bathing, pat yourself dry – don’t rub the towel against your skin. You want to leave your skin damp and then apply a moisturizer. Look for moisturizers that contain aloe vera or soy.  

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Since sunburns inflame the skin, taking an anti-inflammatory like aspirin or ibuprofen can help reduce swelling and alleviate discomfort. Also, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking more water than usual. 

If your skin blisters, don’t pop or peel them. Allow them to heal. But if your burn is severe, see a doctor, especially if you feel unwell, have chills, a fever, or nausea.  

And if you do go outside, cover up by wearing loose-fitting clothes that cover the burn, and stay in the shade as much as possible.  

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CR editors liked this Tommy Bahama umbrella, which has easy-grip handles for setup and is designed to withstand the breeziest beach days.  

The L.L. Bean Sunbuster Folding Shelter was well-liked for its simple setup, higher-quality materials, and roominess. 

If squeezing under an umbrella or in a tent isn’t your thing, level up with a beach canopy. CR editors liked the CoolCabanas CoolCobana 5 Beach Canopy for its sturdiness and ability to withstand light to moderate winds and strong wind gusts.