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Biden Claims Polls Showing Him Down Are Wrong: No One ‘More Qualified To Be President … Than Me’

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President Joe Biden claimed on Friday that he was being honest with himself about his ability to beat former President Donald Trump this fall despite polling that shows him falling further behind.

“You’re further behind now by any measure,” said ABC News host George Stephanopoulos. “It’s been a two-man race for several months. Inflation has come down. In those last few months, he’s become a convicted felon. Yet, you’re still falling further behind.”

Biden responded: “You guys keep saying that. George, do you– look, you know polling better than anybody. Do you think polling data is as accurate as it used to be?”

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Stephanopoulos answered that Trump was “certainly ahead in the popular vote, probably even more ahead in the battleground states” and that Democrats in Senate and House races were running ahead of Biden.

Biden responded with an incoherent answer that included him mixing up dates.

He said that he was still able to win because he’s “running against a pathological liar.”

When Stephanopoulos noted that Biden has had months to challenge Trump on his claims, Biden responded: “Oh, sure, I had months, but I was also doin’ a hell of a lot of other things, like wars around the world, like keeping NATO together, like working– anyway.”


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When asked if he really believes that he is not behind right now, Biden responded: “I think it’s in– all the pollsters I talk to tell me it’s a tossup. It’s a tossup. And when I’m behind, there’s only one poll I’m really far behind, CBS Poll and NBC, I mean, excuse me.”

Biden said that he doesn’t believe he is behind in the popular vote, adding: “I don’t think anybody’s more qualified to be president or win this race than me.”

“They’re just wrong,” Biden said of his critics. “Look, Trump is a pathological liar. Trump is– he is– you ever seen anything Trump did that benefited sa– somebody else and not him? You can’t answer, I know.”

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