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Ben Shapiro Shuts Down Pro-Hamas Heckler From Far-Left Extremist Group At Congressional Hearing

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Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro shut down a pro-Hamas protester from a far-left organization on Wednesday after she confronted him at the conclusion of his congressional testimony.

The protester appears to be from Code Pink, an anti-Semitic organization that reportedly has ties to Iran’s Islamic government, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

Code Pink is also an aggressive defender of communist China, including defending its use of concentration camps, The New York Times reported. The group has received well over a million dollars from Neville Roy Singham, an American who lives in China and who seeks to promote the Chinese Communist Party to the world and has a history of supporting “far-left” causes — a term seldom used by the newspaper.

The far-left group also supports oppressive Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro who is accused of widespread corruption, destroying the country’s economy, perpetuating human rights abuses, and creating a severe humanitarian crisis.

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The protester asked Shapiro how it felt to be “poison[ing]” the “American public and what you’ve been perpetuating — hate, racism, white supremacy, and the genocide that is being carried out on the Palestinian people.”

Shapiro responded: “How does it feel to stand for Hamas? Does that feel good to you? Do you feel good standing in solidarity with a terrorist that has murdered 1,200 Jews and keeps people in tunnels?”

During the October 7 massacre — which was carried out by roughly 3,000 terrorists from Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group that is backed by Iran — Code Pink defended the attack.

“The US-backed Israeli apartheid regime inflicts daily settler violence and terror on Palestinians,” they falsely claimed in a post on X. “Israel is an occupying force. Palestinians have every right to resist it.”

The protester did not deny standing with Hamas, and said she felt “very good standing in solidarity with Palestinian people” and then falsely claimed that Israel and the U.S. have murdered Palestinians.

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“Hamas should not start a war on behalf of its citizens and then shoot its own citizens,” Shapiro responded in referencing Hamas shooting Palestinians who were trying to escape areas where fighting was happening in Gaza. “And you standing for it makes you a disgrace to human dignity and human rights.”

Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas’ group of terrorists inside Gaza, has stated that it is important that as many Palestinians die as possible so that the world will turn on Israel. Hamas commits war crimes by hiding behind civilians as they carry out their attacks and when they hide following their attacks so that civilians get killed in the crossfire.

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The protester continued by falsely claiming that “the people of Palestine have been occupied for 75 years and the blood is on the hands of every person in this Congress and every person who watches your propaganda of hate, white supremacy, and racism.”

Shapiro fired back: “Palestinian blood is on your hands because you refuse to say that Hamas should surrender. End of story.”

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