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Animal cruelty continues to be a growing problem in Kentucky

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In 45 years of rescuing animals, Anita Spreitzer described the past few months as the worst she’s ever seen.

We’ve moved, in the last month and a half, close to 175 dogs into safe havens. It’s unheard of. I’ve never seen something like this in my lifetime,” Spreitzer said.

Spreitzer is the rescue coordinator with Paws 4 the Cause animal shelter.

Just in the last couple weeks, she’s experienced many examples of gross negligence toward our furry friends.

We got a phone call yesterday from some of the rescue coordinators in Pulaski County. Two dogs were found wandering around as strays,” Spreitzer said.

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“Their coats are so matted its all the way down to the skin. What happens is those mats start to pull and get tight and when they get wet like out in the rain, they just get tighter.

That barely scratches the surface.

Last month, Paws 4 the Cause got involved in a Lexington Animal Control investigation where 18 dogs were rescued from a home in what Spreitzer described to be deplorable living conditions.

They were living in an apartment with black mold, dirt and filth, in their own urine. They have urine scorched stains on them,” Spreitzer said

“The building has been condemned because there was over three feet of sewage inside the apartment building and the basement.

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All of the dogs are being cared for now, but it comes at a cost.

Spreitzer said it’ll cost thousands of dollars to rehab all the pups, much of which comes from donations.

These examples run right in line with the newly released Crime in Kentucky report.

According to state data, there was a 35% increase in animal cruelty cases in 2023.

Spreitzer lives through that trend every day and is now adamantly calling for action from Kentucky lawmakers to better protect our pets.

Why cant the laws be changed in Kentucky like the rest of the states for the crimes to actually stick and not only get a slap on the hand?”

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“People need to realize and stand up for the voiceless and fight for them. Something has to give and something has to change.

If you want to learn more about Paws 4 the Cause or adopt an animal yourself, click here.

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