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Andrew Klavan Discusses Democrats’ Dilemma After Disastrous Biden Debate

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Daily Wire podcast host Andrew Klavan spoke to Megyn Kelly on Tuesday about the Democrats’ possible next moves following President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate.

During Klavan’s appearance on Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, Kelly asked Klavan what the Democrats can do after Biden struggled and stumbled during CNN’s presidential debate against former President Donald Trump.

“And so, I’m not convinced that the elected Democrats are going to stand behind him. … They don’t want Kamala Harris,” Kelly said. “That’s the big question: What do you do with a problem like Kamala?”

“This is their fault,” Klavan said. “They created this situation. Joe Biden said he was going to appoint a minority woman to the vice presidency. He did. He forgot to ask about qualifications. … Obviously, Kamala Harris is not fit to be president. She actually still has all her marbles, but she can’t do the job.”

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“And so they don’t know what to do because how do you solve a problem like Kamala? How do you replace her without violating the identity politics?” he added. “How do you find a politician who looks like a centrist, but will allow the party to follow the Left-wing agenda as Joe Biden has?”

The Daily Wire host pointed out that the “mainstream of the Democrat party is very far Left.” He also said the party would have a difficult time letting a moderate “come in there and change direction.”

“So, you can’t bring on a white man like the Governor of Kentucky [Andy Beshear],” Klavan said. “You have to find at least a female to replace him [Biden]. And who have you got? You’ve got [Michigan Governor] Gretchen Whitmer. … She’s getting a lot of buzz.”


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“I really dislike Gretchen Whitmer because of the way she behaved during the COVID crisis…” Klavan added. “But she’s a fairly popular governor in that state, and that state has been a swing state, so she might be their best bet.”

Klavan said the presidency isn’t like a TV show and he’s not convinced the Democrats will be able to move someone in like former first lady Michelle Obama to take Biden’s place, like some pundits have speculated.

“So I really think they are stuck,” he said, noting a pollster he follows who suggested the Democrats might be able to get away with replacing Biden with someone like Whitmer for the Democratic nominee and Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock as the Vice President.

Following the Biden-Trump debate, Kelly said during her 2024 Post-Debate Special, “In my view, it is over for Joe Biden. His presidential campaign came to an end tonight, whether he knows it or not. There will be meetings tonight, first thing tomorrow amidst Democratic Party leaders about how to get him off the ticket.”

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“How to change into someone else. There have to be,” she added. “Already, we are seeing some reaction from top Democrats, who rarely criticize the president, suggesting he needs to have a serious look at this performance tonight and assess for himself whether he can go forward.”

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