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Americans agree democracy is under threat, but disagree on why

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The U.S. has the oldest and longest-running democracy in the world. But polls show confidence in the government is rocky.

A Georgetown University poll from March found 81% of Americans think their democracy is under threat, but Republicans and Democrats disagree on why.

About two-thirds of Trump supporters say President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress are threatening democracy. Over 80% of respondents with a favorable view of President Biden said former President Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are the threat.

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On the campaign trail, both President Biden and Trump have said saving democracy is a critical issue this election cycle.

During a May campaign event, President Biden said: “Our democracy is really on the line. Listen to the things [Trump] said. I asked him what happens, is he gonna accept the loss? He said, ‘It depends,’ and then he said if he loses, there’s gonna be a bloodbath.”

Republicans believe it’s President Biden who’s threatening the country.

“Joe Biden is a great threat to our democracy. He’s a tremendous threat to our democracy. His incompetence is the No. 1 reason. Also, he uses the Justice Department, the FBI, to go after his political opponent, happens to be me,” Trump said in March.

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So where do things go from here? Experts say it’s important to hold people accountable for their actions, and a steady stream of the truth can help break the hold disinformation has on some pockets of the country. If the public views their government as effective, confidence in democracy can grow.

One thing most Americans seem to agree on the “future of American democracy” is an important factor in deciding who to vote for in November.

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