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‘Alpha Mentor’ Justin Waller Talks With Michael Knowles About How To Reclaim Traditional Masculinity

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Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles sat down with social media influencer Justin Waller to discuss life while enjoying high-quality cigars. Over the course of their conversation, they discussed the issue of how men can reclaim their place in society and the phenomenon of women initiating divorce more often than men.

Waller said one way husbands can avoid being left by their wives is to make themselves men of substance. After discussing the crisis of a lack of male role models, the influencer talked about how to overcome this problem.

He offered this advice to the men out there, “Become a man that’s so hard to replace that she never wants to be the hero. Which is the beautiful thing about love, by the way. I love nothing more than winning. And then calling her and being like, ‘Hey, babe.’”

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While society focuses on issues like “toxic masculinity,” men are continually falling behind by every single metric, including academically, socially, and professionally. The number of men enrolling in college has dropped. And it’s no secret that a lack of strong male role models has contributed heavily to societal decline. 

The one place men are overrepresented is not a good one. In 2021, men accounted for roughly 80% of suicides.

Waller told Knowles that he believes family doesn’t always mean being related by blood. 

“[The] thing about love, and I have plenty of that in my life, so I have really deep understanding of what it’s supposed to be like. And that has nothing to do with my childhood. You build your family in life, you know, and I don’t particularly believe that family is the blood that was given to you. I think it’s the family that you build.”

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The influencer said of his wife, “We become one flesh. And now we get to have kids who are of the same blood [as] both of us.” 

Waller added, “Sometimes people say, my friends, they’re really my family, and I’ve got very close friends.”

The conversation moved to the general negative attitudes toward traditional masculinity in our culture. “A woman is never going to stay attracted to you if she feels like she’s the dominant force in the relationship anyway,” Waller told Knowles.

He also said it’s not possible to have “society without religion.”

“The nuclear family was a real thing, and I truly believe the only reason we really lost it is because when we went off the gold standard and started inflating money, we went from a man that could go to work 40 hours a week, take care of his family, take care of the people that he loves, and be the head of the household to this situation where they started to become peers.”

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“And when you lose respect, you lose love. And that’s when the family broke,” Waller said.

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