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911 call: Grandmother of Bryson Muir pleaded for help before teen reported missing

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Bryson Muir, 14-year-old Logansport teen missing since June 16, was found safe in his parents’ home early Wednesday morning.

On the day Bryson was reported missing, his grandmother, Cheryl Wright, called Ohio police to report she believed her grandson was being abused. In a recording of the call obtained by News 8, Wright is heard emotionally asking police to not let her grandson be taken back home with his mother.

Here is a transcription of the 911 call between Wright and 911 operator.

First Call: Sunday, June 16, 2024, 07:45:14

Cheryl Wright: (talking in the background) Uhn Uhn! No, don’t do that!

911 Operator: Hi, 911, what is your emergency?

Wright: Hi, I’m at (personal address). I have my grandson here from *inaudible* they live in Indiana. He was badly abused by his parents. Now, my daughter is here trying to take him, and I just need somebody to come and (inaudible).

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911 Operator: It’s her child?

Wright: Pardon me?

911 Operator: It’s her child?

Wright: It is her child.

911 Operator: OK.

Wright: She’s the one that gave him to me (inaudible speaking)

911 Operator: OK. (pause) Alright, what is your name?

Cheryl Wright: Pardon me?

911 Operator: Your name?

Wright: Cheryl Wright. (inaudible) She’s trying to take him, and he is 14 and he wants to leave with her, of course, but I’m not letting him leave.

911 Operator: Your number is (redacted).

Wright: (speaking in the background) Every day…Every day. Are you really gonna do that? No! no you’re not (inaudible).

911 Operator: What is her name?

Wright: Her name is Kristen Muir.

911 Operator: We’ll be on the way, okay?

Cheryl Wright: (in the background) Hey! Hey! Stop it. You’re not (inaudible speaking) Huh?

911 Operator: We’ll be on the way.

Second Call: Sunday, June 16, 2024, 07:49:34

911 Operator: 911, what is your emergency?

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Wright: Hi, this is Cheryl Wright. Is this (inaudible speaking, sounds upset)

911 operator: OK.

Wright: And my daughter physically attacked me.

911 Operator: OK, you need a rescue squad to come and take you to the hospital?

Wright: No, I need you to stop them.

911 Operator: It their child, it’s her child, correct?

Wright: OK, so he is being abused.

911 Operator: The officers (interrupted by Wright)

Wright: I have pictures!

911 Operator: OK.

Wright: He’s being abused.

911 Operator: OK, you’ll have to hold on while I update the officers.


911 Operator: OK, I updated the officers. Do you have a plate or anything on the car?

Wright: No, it’s an Indiana plate though. I couldn’t get out there to see it. It’s a white Tahoe, (inaudible) and they are headed – They just left off Andover Road going towards avenue (inaudible) Tahoe should have Indiana plates.

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911 Operator: OK.

Wright: OK.

911 Operator: And her is Kristen Mueller?

Wright: Muir. M-U-I-R.

911 Operator: OK, and she lives in Toledo, you said?

Wright: No, she lives in Indiana. (inaudible) in Logansport, Indiana.

911 Operator: Okay. Alright we got officers there in the area checking. They’re gonna come to you, OK?

Wright: OK, thank you.

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