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43-Year-Old Female Teacher Charged With Sexually Assaulting 15-Year-Old Boy, Was ‘Obsessed’ With Him, Authorities Say

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A female middle school teacher in New Jersey has been charged with sexual assault after the school’s vice principal alerted authorities about an inappropriate relationship.

Allison Havemann-Niedrach, 43, has been charged with one count of first-degree aggravated sexual assault and one count of second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, according to a press release from the Monmouth County prosecutor’s office.

Havemann-Niedrach was a special education teacher at Freehold Intermediate School, where she allegedly began courting a 15-year-old boy who was in the eighth grade. In early June, the school’s vice principal alerted authorities about Havemann-Niedrach and the student, with reports saying that she would bring the student food, eat lunch with him every day, and touch him inappropriately.

“The victim told a friend that he was dating a teacher,” Monmouth County Assistant Prosecutor Danielle Zanzuccki said in court, according to Jersey Shore Online. “Another teacher reported that she witnessed the defendant rubbing the victim’s neck and back area in a circular motion and that she appeared to be flirting with him and noticed her touching his leg.”

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The alleged victim’s mother was informed about the allegations, and she revealed that her daughter had seen her son sitting in the teacher’s car and had been on the phone late at night. The male student at first denied that he had any inappropriate relationship with Havemann-Niedrach, saying instead that he was dating her daughter. He agreed to let police search his phone, where they discovered more than 25,000 text messages between him and the teacher, including deleted messages that police were able to recover.

Days later, the student’s mother contacted police again, saying her son was afraid after turning over his phone. The student eventually admitted to his mother that he had a sexual relationship with Havemann-Niedrach, which he told police began in January of this year.

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Zanzuccki said in court that the sexual activity took place at the teacher’s house.

“This was so much for this kid that he ended up having a mental health crisis in the middle of the investigation,” Zanzuccki told the court. “I would submit that she’s obsessed with this child.”

The student asked the police to keep his cell phone, believing it was the only way to stop communication with Havemann-Niedrach.

In addition to the text messages, sexually explicit photos and videos were exchanged between the two.

“There are photographs of a sexual nature passed between the two,” Zanzuccki said. “As well as a video of them engaging in sexual conduct.”

Havemann-Niedrach’s attorney, William Wackowski of the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, argued against pretrial detention, citing his client’s lack of a criminal record and said she wasn’t a flight risk. She was released to home detention at her parents’ house.

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“She was a special education teacher,” Judge Vincent Falcetano said, according to JSO. “And should have known that that line is even closer than it is for a regular teacher.”

Havemann-Niedrach is married, has two children, and was previously named one of the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore’s 2017 Phenomenal Women Under 40.

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