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30 passengers injured after Air Europa flight hits ‘strong turbulence’

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Dozens of passengers were injured on an Air Europa flight when it was hit with strong turbulence during its trip from Madrid to Uruguays capital city of Montevideo, the Spanish airline said.

In a post on X, the airline said the flight had to make an emergency landing at Brazils Greater Natal International Airport.

Those who were injured were treated at the airport, Air Europa said, adding that the injuries were minor. However, one of the passengers reportedly told Reuters some people had fractures to the arms, faces and legs.

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Six of the 30 passengers injured were hospitalized with minor abrasions or orthopedic traumas, Reuters reported, citing Air Europe and local officials in Brazil.

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Another passenger reportedly told Reuters the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner began to plunge at one point during the incident, sending people who werent wearing a seat belt into the ceiling of the plane.

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In another post on X, Air Europa said it deeply regrets what happened and wished the injured passengers a speedy recovery.

Another flight left from Madrid to pick up the passengers from flight UX045 to continue to take them to Montevideo.

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